Revealed: UK's next super carp

A new species of fish could soon be filling nets at some of the UK’s biggest commercial waters. And pictured above is a computer-generated image of what it could look like.

The man who was involved in the creation of the revolutionary F1 carp has this week exclusively revealed that 15 tonnes of his new, hard-fighting strain, called the ‘F1 Ghost’, have already been sold.

Babylon Fish Farm owner Jason Dorkings has been working tirelessly on this project for the last three years at his Kent facility. He has now revealed that instead of using a common or mirror carp to create the famous hybrid, he’s added a ghost carp to the winning mix.

By using this species, he’s created a fish that has all the usual hallmarks of an F1 carp, which is willing to feed in the coldest conditions and is immune to Koi Herpes Virus (KHV). Jason hopes that the ghost carp element will mean that this fish will fight even harder than the original F1.

“This is just like an F1 carp, but a new improved, version,” Jason exclusively told Angling Times.

“The trouble with the original F1 is that they all look the same and feedback from anglers has revealed that some, especially pleasure anglers, get bored of catching them because of this.

“By using a ghost carp we hope the fish will have individual coloration and unique scale patterns, which will make them a much more attractive prospect.

“It’s also common knowledge that ghosties scrap really hard, so we predict that this quality will mean that this fish will not only look really attractive, but also fight even harder than the original.

The F1 Ghost will be available from October next year. Some of the fisheries that have already placed orders include Woodland View, in Droitwich, Warwickshire’s Tunnel Barn Farm and Heronbrook Fishery, in Staffordshire.

“We’ve kept this really close to our chest, but there’s a real buzz developing about this fish among those who are in the know, which is emphasised by the fact that we’ve already sold 15 tonnes of them to some of the most popular fisheries in the country and they know what their customers want,” Jason said.