New Feeder Champs all set for 2017

Feeder fishing is the method of the moment.

Feeder fishing is the method of the moment.

Feeder fishing is set to become even more popular, following talks of the launch of a huge national event to celebrate the tactic.

In the wake of big competitions like the Feeder Masters and the triumphs of the England Feeder team managed by Tommy Pickering, bosses at the Angling Trust are drawing up plans to create an event which could be on par with the current National Angling Championships.

Team England Veterans squad man Joe Roberts and former England International manager Dick Clegg are two big names who have been discussing the plans after increasing demands by anglers and clubs that wish to see the creation of such an event.

Said Joe: “It’s still early days but we hope to create an event that could see as many as 200 anglers in 40 teams on the bank. 

“The recent launch of the World Club Feeder Championship means every nation has to find two clubs to represent them, and we think this would be a better way of qualifying for it than the system we have at present.”

This year’s qualifier for the World Club Feeder Championship was held last weekend and was won by Preston Innovations Telford, with Drennan Barnsley Blacks runners-up. Both qualify for the 2017 World final in Spain.  

The event was held at Barston Lakes in the West Midlands, but Joe believes the new version would require a much bigger venue if it was to go ahead: “Major events are quite difficult to organise in the UK because of the lack of venues able to cope with that number of anglers. The River Trent would meet all the requirements, and really suits feeder anglers,” he added.

New of the new event has been welcomed in the match fishing fraternity, and England International Feeder Team manager Tommy Pickering who said: “All the other nations who enter the World Club Feeder Champs have their own feeder national events, so it’s only right we should have one two. It would be a great spectacle,” he added.