Embryo’s big boost for UK’s waters

Korda Tackle boss Danny Fairbrass is calling for anglers to be part of a ground-breaking scheme to create the fisheries of the future.

Danny and his team at Embryo Angling Habitats (EAH) have this week revealed the progress they have made since its launch, with a host of venues stocked, enhanced and improved in their quest to provide better fishing for the nation’s anglers and protect waters from otter predation.

The non-profit organisation, headed by Matt Pettitt, has already seen anglers take advantage of almost half a million pounds’ worth of investment.

Newly-stocked lakes from Hull to Cornwall are set to produce big catches in the coming months.

But Danny has revealed that this is just the beginning and now he wants anglers and clubs to come forward to help spread Embryo’s growing network of venues that provide quality, affordable fishing for local anglers.

“Every one of the projects has been started because we’ve been contacted by local anglers and clubs about venues that have potential,” Danny told Angling Times.

“The venues that we now have in the portfolio are just the beginning. I know that, with anglers’ help, we can create so many more.

“Some people out there think that this is just some money-making exercise, but I’m not in this to make a penny.

“We’ve spent well over £450,000 and received around £13,000 back in ticket money, so it’s clear that this isn’t a model set-up to make a profit.

“Our experienced team is ready and waiting to start work on our next projects, so pick up the phone or drop us an email and let’s get things started.”

Founded by Danny in summer 2014, Embryo Angling Habitats is not only repeatedly fulfilling its objective in opening up new fishing opportunities, but it’s also leading the way in protecting waters against predation.

The organisation has an experienced fencing team that has protected Embryo’s own waters, and has also provided cut-price fencing for angling clubs and advice for those that are experiencing problems with predators.

Matt has been instrumental in the success that EAH has already enjoyed and is also this week urging clubs and associations which need help with otter fencing projects to come forward.

“The progress we’ve made has been fantastic and the relationships we’ve built with clubs and fishery owners have been invaluable,” he said.

“We’ve got the equipment and the expertise to be able to assist clubs and associations look at effective and affordable ways to protect their waters,” Matt added.

“It can be very expensive to fence your venue, but as long as we can cover our costs we are here to give fisheries all the help that they need.

“Whether you know of a lake that we could develop for fishing, or have a venue with an otter problem, please contact us because the real success stories that we have had to date have been the result of anglers getting in touch. We can only help if we know about the problem!”