Wellington’s Unknown Mirror at 53lb 12oz best

Paul Wyatt tapped into Wellington Country Park’s unrivalled stock of big fish with this 53lb 12oz lump.
The fish, called the Unknown Mirror, came at its biggest-ever weight during a weekend session at the Berkshire venue.
Paul, from Headley in Hampshire, said: “I arrived to find it very busy on the Saturday. Having had a walk around, I decided my only option was a swim called Laurie’s. The fish had been showing at distance over the last few weeks in the ‘Bermuda Triangle’ around there, so I set up and got the rods out at around 90 yards using the end of the main island as a marker.
“That night I lost a good fish at the net, which I was disappointed with. The wind and rain were very strong and coming straight at me, and at about 9pm on the Sunday evening I had a couple of bleeps and a drop back. I hit it and tried to catch up with the fish, which had now started making a run for a bay to my left.
“After a 10-minute battle I had the Unknown Mirror in the net. At 53lb 12oz it was its top weight so far and it looked fantastic – there was not a mark on it and it is such a well-proportioned fish.”
Paul fished snowman rigs made with fluorocarbon hooklinks and size 4 hooks. He used Nutcracker boilies from Urban Bait.