Vote for your favourite fish!

Voting is underway to decide the UK’s first ever national fish species – and Angling Times readers are being urged to have their say.
The National Fish Vote is the brainchild of wildlife and underwater fish photographer Jack Perks, who said: “In total we have more than 400 species of fish in our seas, lakes and rivers around the British Isles, but currently no national fish. I want this poll to follow in the footsteps of last year’s National Bird Vote, when more than 300,000 people nominated the robin as their favourite bird.”
 Voting will be carried out through an online poll, with people having the chance to pick from 40 different species, including roach, tench and barbel, along with many saltwater species which have been shortlisted by groups of respected anglers and scientists.
Both anglers and the general public are being encouraged to vote, and the UK’s national fish will be announced once voting closes at the end of this month.
Angling Times columnist Des Taylor believes the carp will become the UK’s national fish.
“Carp fishing has really taken off in recent years and it’s a fish everyone can identify, so I wouldn’t be surprised if this species came out on top, but I am going to vote for the roach myself.
“The poll is a great idea, as it will be good to have a national fish and it will hopefully help improve the popularity of angling,” he said.
“The most recent Angling Times readers’ poll to find our favourite fish voted the tench as number one, but things can change and I’d encourage everyone to vote,” said editor-in-chief Steve Fitzpatrick.  


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