Two high ‘four’ perch from separate venues

Lobworms were key to one man’s capture of two huge perch with a combined weight of almost 10lb – from different venues.
Simon Brough set his sights on two popular Midlands waterways and struck gold twice in one week.
The larger of the two perch, at 4lb 14oz, took a lobworm hookbait fished with a simple feeder rig made from 6lb mainline and a size 10 Drennan Wide Gape hook.
Two days later the river fishing fanatic from Matlock, in Derbyshire, used the same tactics and this time a fish weighing 4lb 11oz was his reward.
“I’ve fished these venues for 30 years. Catching perch like this is all about doing your homework and finding out where they are going to be, depending on the conditions,” Simon told Angling Times.
“At this time of year, when there’s extra water in the river, I look for slacks in which the big perch love to hang around.
“All the small prey fish such as minnows head into these areas out of the main flow, making them easy pickings for big perch, and this is where I position my hookbaits.”
On the day that Simon banked the larger of his two stripeys he backed it up with a 12lb 10oz barbel.
And over his two sessions he took four other perch over the 3lb mark, many more smaller fish of the species, and bream to 7lb 14oz.
“There’s nothing complicated about what I do, but one thing that is vital in this type of fishing is putting the time in,” Simon continued.
“Before these two days I’d had six blank sessions, but I knew that my carefully chosen areas would produce eventually because I’ve spent endless hours walking the banks and finding swims without even casting a line.
“This is what it takes to catch the biggest perch in your river.”