Tremendous hit Slovenian style with 75lb carp and four fifties

It’s not often we venture to Slovenia here, but this 75lb 6oz common and the four fifties that accompanied it are well worth a closer look.
“The temperatures were very cold, with my landing net freezing stiff most nights,” said the captor Matej Vavh of his four-day session.
“There were a handful of other angers on the lake, a few of whom had been fishing for several days before I arrived, but only a few small carp had been out of the lake in that time.
“I found a hole, some 20ft deep, at 120 yards from the bank and knew that this was the spot. I was so confident in the area that I placed all three rods on it.”
Matej baited with an initial 10 Spombs of corn, hemp and a few crushed boilies soaked in Solar’s Marine 17 liquid and landed three carp to 22lb on the first night, following that up with a 32lb mirror the next morning.
He added: “I was really happy, because not much else was being caught around the lake. As darkness fell my alarm started to sound. I picked up the rod and felt a solid weight on the other end. After a short, slow fight I slipped a 54lb 8oz lump into the net.
“Just half-an-hour later another of the alarms let out a single bleep. It was a tiny indication, but I picked up the rod anyway, and again there was a solid weight on the other end.
“This one felt even bigger and my heart was in my mouth through the slow, plodding fight in the darkness. I couldn’t believe it, I’d landed a huge common, which tipped the scales at 75lb 6oz!”
Incredibly, Matej lost an even bigger fish at the net after that and landed three fish of 56lb 4oz, 53lb 10oz and 50lb on his final day.
He fished homemade boilies made with Solar Club Mix base mix flavoured with Ester Strawberry, Ester Cream, Candy Sweetener and Stimulin Amino.