Ton-topping catfish

Anglers normally travel to Spain and Italy to catch 100lb catfish in winter but Josh Davey managed to bank this one from his local carp lake in Essex.
The 26-year-old from Colchester was carp fishing on Chigboro Fisheries’ Maywater Lake when the giant, which scaled 102lb 8oz, took his single pineapple pop-up boilie hookbait.
 Josh managed to land the predator after battling it for nearly an hour on just 12lb mainline.
He told Angling Times: “I have caught smaller cats by accident before on this lake but I never expected something like this to turn up. I just can’t believe I managed to get it in on such light carp tackle, and I have to thank bailiff Ross Downs for helping me get it on the bank to weigh it.”