St John’s 39-pounder tops 10-fish winter haul

Paddy Ramsden jumped on St John’s at the end of a pike match and took 10 carp to almost 40lb in temperatures as low as -50C.
The Chorley angler relished the chance of fishing in some “proper winter weather” and caught from the off at the Oxfordshire day-ticket water after the predator competition ended.
He said: “Around 4pm the hooter blew and we could choose a swim. Having spent the afternoon observing the water I knew where I wanted to be.
“Heading for the Point, an area I had never fished before, I knew with 48 hours in front of me that I had to take the risk of leading around for some spots. An hour or so later I had a good idea of the swim and had found a lovely little area out at range.”
While baiting up with mashed corn and crumbed CC Moore Live System boilies soaked in Amino 365 liquid, Paddy’s right-hand rod signalled a take and he landed a mid-twenty. That night, after baiting up again at midnight, he had three more fish including two doubles and another twenty.
On day two Paddy continued to trickle small amounts of bait into his swim. He said: “As the light began to fade, my left-hand alarm sounded and I was into another fish. This felt a lot bigger, kiting on a long line until I managed to turn it away from my mate’s lines next door. After 10 minutes in the deep margins I slipped the net under a fish that went 39lb 3oz. I was elated at the capture.”
The temperature continued to fall during the night, eventually getting down to -50C,  but this didn’t stop the fish feeding and I had four more between 18lb and 22lb, all from my middle rod.”
A 27-pounder at 6am completed a memorable session before Paddy, who fished white CC Moore Live System hookbaits, packed up at first light.