Rudd seal glory on the Old Nene

Browning Hotrods bank worker Andrew Moss was glad he kept his eyes on the water when he arrived at his peg below the BMX track on the Old Nene at March.
The 51-year-old from Colchester, Essex explained: “I noticed some decent fish topping across by the far bank and thought they might be rudd. They were out of pole range, so I rigged up a small 3BB waggler on rod-and-reel tackle, and I caught rudd to 1lb in bursts throughout the day.”
Andrew’s level 10kg was well ahead of two tench weights from the Benwick section, and he managed to keep the rudd coming by resting his swim regularly.
“When the rudd backed off,
I came in on my chopped worm line and caught a few decent perch, and every time I returned to the waggler, the rudd were back,” he said. He fished 2ft deep and fed around a pint of red maggots.
“I know I’d have caught more if the wind had been kinder because it made casting and tackle control really difficult,” he said. “But I did catch some rudd when the float and bait were being pushed along by the wind. It looked all wrong, but it worked! I used single and double maggot on a size 20 Kamasan B520 hook to 0.08mm hooklength.”
Fen drains result: 1 A Moss, Browning Hotrods, 10.000kg; 2 S Barnett, Drennan Bordon, 7.310 kg; 3 D White, Maver Midlands, 6.800kg; 4 P Close, Mosella Quaker, 6.500 kg; 5 J Pantry, Sensas South East, 6.23kg; 6 C Steffen, Preston Innovations Black Horse, 5.96kg.