Personal-best 43 lb carp upped by 44-pounder

It was a week to remember for Jonathan Boulton as he caught two different 40-pounders in two sessions four days apart.
First up for the 25-year-old fisheries ranger was a mirror carp known as the Emperor at 43lb, followed by the Nunn at 44lb 8oz.
Both fish came from the Main Lake at Fryerning Fisheries, in Essex, and were Jonathan’s first two carp from the water since moving on to it in October.
The County Durham-born angler, who works at Hanningfield Reservoir trout fishery, said: “I’d set myself the target this season of catching my first UK forty, so to have done that twice in four days was mind-blowing. These were two fish I wanted to catch and at Fryerning there’s every chance I can now go on and improve my pb.”
The Emperor fell just 20 minutes into a 24-hour session on the centre of the dam wall. “It was actually a fish I had photographed for someone else back in November, so it was nice to have the favour returned,” said Jonathan.
Buoyed by that success, Jonathan returned four days later and fished from the Left Hand Point swim.
He said: “About two hours after casting out I had a take, and the right-hand rod was bent over. This time it was a proper fight and I didn’t get the fish anywhere near the net for 15 to 20 minutes.
“Both fish are incredible creatures and it’s amazing to have two forties as my first two fish from the Main Lake.”
Both mirrors were taken on single Urban Bait Nutcracker hookbaits no more than 70 yards out. Jonathan used standard hair rigs made with size 6 E-S-P Big T Raptor hooks and Korda N-Trap hooklinks.