New weapon in fish crime fight

A schoolboy has created a mobile app that allows anglers to fight crime from the bank.
‘Project Poacher’ will revolutionise the way anglers can report incidents at fisheries across the UK, and is another step forward in the battle against fish thefts.
Free to download on most smartphones, the app allows users to send on-the-spot reports to the police while automatically pinpointing the location of the incident using the phone’s Global Positioning System (GPS).
The new technology is the brainchild of 15-year-old Aaron Christiansen, who developed it on behalf of Cheshire Police for a new nationwide anti-poaching initiative on all wildlife crime.
Set up by the England and Wales Poaching Priority Delivery Group (PPDG) to fight rural crime, the initiative is a partnership between a number of national organisations including law enforcers and the Angling Trust, all of whom have endorsed the new app. 
The Trust’s National Enforcement Manager, Dilip Sarkar MBE, believes the new technology is the way forward in the war against poachers.
He told Angling Times: “We still want people to call in when they see something illegal on the bank, but the app is another great tool as it provides another way for anglers to report incidents which in turn will help authorities to catch more offenders and build up a greater wealth of intelligence.”


The app is available from the Apple Istore, Google Play and Microsoft Windows. Visit for more details.