Maggots bag skimmers and ide to edge it

Aston Park Fishery £1,000 Super Sunday
Split Pond (16 pegs)

Dave Hooper has a fine record at the fishery, and the Mosborough Tackle Box rod added another win to the tally with victory on Sunday.
He banked a solid 44-8-0 net of ide and skimmers at peg 28, fishing maggot on the deck at 13m to net fish to 2lb, but only just ended up in front.
Just 8oz behind was John White on peg 12 with 44-0-0 of carp, skimmers and ide, fishing pellet and maggot.
Result: 1 D Hooper, Mosborough Tackle Box, 44-8-0; 2 J White, Aston Park, 44-0-0; 3 M Batham, Aston Park, 39-8-0; 4 A Batham, Aston Park, 36-2-0; 5 T Chamberlain, Aston Park, 35-12-0; 6 T Hutchinson, Aston Park, 35-4-0.