Linch Hill 43lb carp on freezing night

Christchurch at Linch Hill has produced a spate of stunners, this 43lb 4oz mirror being the latest.
Mal Battenbough made the trip to the Oxfordshire venue from his home in Swansea and was rewarded with Baby Poolie’s after moving swims.
The 45-year-old soldier had endured two blank nights before dropping in behind in-form Adam Smith, who recently had an 18-fish hit from the lake.
“The temperature dropped really quickly as the light faded and, with no signs of fish, I climbed into my sleeping bag with the intention of getting some heat back into my body,” said Mal.
“At around 1.15am four or five quick bleeps on my receiver saw me out of bed inspecting my rods. My left-hand bobbin had lifted to the blank so I raised the rod and was into a fish.”
In the -3ºC cold, Mal struggled to contain the carp’s lunges and it weeded solid for 10 minutes.
“I put the rod back on the alarm and went for the boat,” said Mal. “When I went to sleep the boat was behind my swim, but now it had gone, so I headed back into my swim and lifted the rod once more. This time I felt the fish kick and without giving it a chance to weed itself again
I began to pump it over the top of the weed bed in front.”
With help from the angler next door, the scaly mirror was landed, weighed and identified.
Mal fished Sticky Manilla hookbaits over mushed-up freebies.