Jack’s 32-pounder from Essex is a proper looker of a carp

It’s only January, but this fish is surely a contender for the finest looking common of
the year.
The 32-pounder was caught by Jack Matthews at an Essex gravel pit during a short session that also produced four other fish to 22lb.
The vinyl fitter and floorlayer said: “It was my first time back on the venue after a couple of months. I chose my swim based on previous captures and conditions, although the weather didn’t really play a part as it was flat calm and misty when I had the fish.
“The bite came out of the blue on my 9ft Scope rod. I was fishing fairly locked up due to there being floating obstacles and snags, but judging by the receiver it did peel some line.
“To be honest, it didn’t put up much of a battle. It just kited on a tightish clutch in the fairly shallow water.”
The 21-year-old Romford angler scattered a mixture of 10mm and 15mm Nash Citruz bottom bottom baits, plus 15mm Nash TG Active and 4G Squid boilies.
He added: “I fished a 3.5oz lead due to the undertow and wind and flossed a Citruz pop-up dipped in Tangleberry on to a chod with a long boom.
“I caught four other fish during the session including two spawners that have grown on, a 19lb 2oz mirror and a 22lb common.”