Inside angling’s greatest secret...

This fishing hut on the banks of one of the UK’s most iconic rivers is guardian to one of the best-kept secrets of the season.
Angling Times can reveal that hidden within its brick walls is a set of printed photographs of incredible once-in-a-lifetime catches that have been put on show by a secretive angler.
The hut, located on the banks of the River Avon at the popular day-ticket stretch at Winkton, Dorset, is owned by Christchurch Angling Club – whose members have been trying to identify the mystery rod since the discovery of the incredible display.
Pictures of roach to 3lb, barbel to 16lb 5oz and chub over 7lb, all landed this season, have wowed  visiting anglers and club officials alike, and they are now appealing for the captor to come forward.
Images of the photos have been posted on the club’s Facebook page, and these have already sparked rumours about the identity of the mystery angler.
Club press officer, Andy Walker, told Angling Times: “As soon as I posted them on social media I was getting messages from some of the venue regulars, asking who the angler might be.
“Many of them believed we were just being coy, but we honestly haven’t an idea who this elusive angler is. He is using quite traditional tackle, and he more than likely fishes alone.”
Christchurch secretary, Steve Jenner, is equally perplexed by the recent discovery.
“No one has ever posted photographs of their catches in the hut before, so it is rather peculiar, but really intriguing at the same time – these really are some incredible captures,” said Steve.
“There is a catch return book inside the hut which members use to write down their successes, but this angler didn’t use it at all and hasn’t come forward to claim them, so we have no idea who it might be.
“However, we are really pleased that they are catching fish of this size and showing anglers that specimens like this are in the venue.
“The river has been superb in the last couple of years and these aren’t the only big fish which have been coming out.
“Last year we were told about a barbel angler who caught a 3lb 9oz roach on a boilie, but he chose to keep it quiet.”
Club member Robert Young was the captor of an 8lb 9oz chub from Christchurch waters which appeared in a recent issue of Angling Times, and he added: “The barbel is a very big fish for the Avon and so are the roach.
“Winkton is not an easy stretch, so the angler obviously knows what he is doing. It would take a lot of time and effort to catch fish of this calibre because they would be fish of a lifetime for most anglers.”