Five new qualifying venues for RiverFest and £12,000 for champion

This year’s Angling Trust RiverFest event will feature five new qualifier venues as thousands of anglers begin their quest to be crowned champ and pocket the £12,000 top prize!
New venues for 2016 are the Warwickshire Avon at Warwick and Stratford, the River Thames at Clanfield and Culham, and the tidal River Trent from Laughterton to Dunham.
Angling Trust Ambassador and competition creator Dave Harrell added: “We haven’t closed the door for the future on any venues we have used previously. We just felt it was time for a few changes.”   
Subject to all tickets being sold, RiverFest 2016 will see 10 main prizes in the final, from £500 for 10th place up to £12,000 for the winner. Section prizes of £250 will also be paid for every six pegs on both the final days. A teams-of-three competition will run alongside the main event, made up of the three anglers who go through from each of the 24 qualifiers.
Applications for the 60-peg qualifiers will be invited towards the end of March and a computerised random draw will establish who fishes where.
The final takes place on the Wye at Hereford on November 19/20. More information at