Des Taylor inspired by one angler’s dreams

Big-fish legend Des Taylor is about to make the dreams of a fishing fanatic come true in a project that will inspire the nation’s anglers.
The Angling Times columnist will join Bill Finch, who is terminally ill with cancer, for a campaign across the UK’s rivers and lakes to help achieve fish-of-a-lifetime catches that will also provide the content for a book.
Giant catfish and double-figure barbel are dream targets for many anglers and Bill (54), from Nuneaton, is hoping Des will make his wishes become reality and help him tick off a number of achievements from his ‘fishing bucket list’.
“I’ve been fishing since I was six years old, but some species I’ve just never got around to targeting and others I have found too difficult to catch over a certain size,” he said.
“So I thought I would try my luck and ask Des, who had already taken me guiding on the River Severn last year. Luckily, he agreed.”
The original motivation behind Bill’s campaign came around a year ago when he was sadly diagnosed with terminal cancer. He admits that his illness has helped to put things into perspective.
“When I first heard that the cancer was terminal I was devastated, but instead of feeling sorry for myself I’ve decided to do all the things I’ve always wanted to do. Catching the fish of my dreams is one of them,” he said.
“Des and I are putting together a book about our adventures which I’m hoping will inspire other anglers to get out there and do the same as me.
Said Des: “I’ve wanted to write another book for a while, so when Bill came up with his idea I thought we could combine our aims. I’m hoping the book, which will feature input from both of us, will be inspiring to other anglers as well as entertaining.
“We won’t be trying to catch record fish, but for many anglers roach over 2lb and double-figure barbel are still the stuff of dreams.”
The book, ‘Fish of a Lifetime’, will be published by Little Egret Press.