Baiting brings cold comfort in 30lb 14oz carp

The recent cold snap that broke up an unseasonably mild winter has failed to stop James Fox in his tracks.
The Norfolk angler has continued to bait up his local syndicate water and carried on catching fish, including this 30lb 14oz common and a 24lb 8oz ghostie in the same session.
He said: “I have kept the bait trickling in over the cold months to keep the fish on the move and feeding throughout the winter.
“My latest session was particularly fruitful. I fished on the end of a warm south-westerly wind after the cold snap we had encountered the week before and I was tentative about the free offerings, so I lightly peppered the surface with around 50 baits.”
James then cast his 360 and hinged stiff rigs to a silty spot slightly deeper than the surrounding area.
“I had originally seen fizzing in the deeper water, so I needed to explore it further,” he said.
“The session was particularly successful and I managed two beautiful commons, one of them a ghostie. I love winter angling and can’t wait to return.”
James fed a mix of CC Moore Pacific Tuna and Live System boilies covered in Tuna L030 and Roasted Nut Extract, and presented Northern Special and Pacific Tuna hookbaits over the top.