50lb 2oz Mommon best of 10 carp in two nights

Everything fell into place for James Ellis as he managed a common, a mirror and a leather over 45lb in a two-night session.
Top of the bill was a 50lb 2oz common, followed by a 45lb 14oz leather and a 45lb mirror. The 10-fish hit at Fryerning Fisheries’ Main Lake also included a 38lb common and a 37lb 8oz mirror.
Although the common, called the Mommon, had never topped 50lb before, it was the leather, known as the Netted Fish, which James really wanted.
The 36-year-old roofer said: “I was over the moon with them all, but it was the Netted Fish that I really wanted. A 40lb leather was always top of my hit list and it just rounded off a great session – I was blown away.”
The Mommon is now the third 50-pounder in the lake, which James has been a member of since 2012. “I’ve been a member for four years and had some wicked sessions there but I think this tops the lot,” said the Londoner. “It was like clockwork. I’d bait up at 8am, get a bite at 10am, then again at 1pm and 5pm – there was no action at night.”
He added: “It’s actually the third time I’ve had the Mommon – I had it at 40-something, then at 45-something to set a lake-record common, but that’s the thing at Fryerning, you’re always fighting for your record back because the fish keep growing. There’s always something to look forward to, even if you have caught the fish before.
“It can be hard fishing, but you’re always in with a chance of a session of a lifetime.”
James fed Nash Key boilies in various sizes to a firm area amid silt about 50 yards out from the Box swim.
He presented his hookbaits on rigs made with size 6 Nash Fang Twister hooks and 15lb Nash Missing Links, and cast them out with PVA bags of crumbed boilies.