47lb 6oz mirror carp rewards angler who braved the elements

Adam Smith’s persistence in the face of horrendous weather at Linch Hill’s tricky Christchurch paid off in style with a new personal best.
This 47lb 6oz mirror carp, known as the Ironing Board, came early in the new year for the 42-year-old, who regularly travels from his home in Devon to the Oxfordshire water.
He said: “A New Year’s Eve session turned into a head-banging one for me. I battled against severe downpours and moved swims in torrential conditions, but it all came together when I netted my new personal-best mirror on my second night.” 
He added: “I was due to go home then, but I thought I’d make the most of this mild weather and stay. The rest of my trip was a struggle – the fish were willing to feed and were clearly loving the bait, showing and giving me constant liners, but even with a few rig tweaks I could only tempt a lovely 20lb mirror, which topped off a memorable session.”
Adam fished to a silt and gravel spot in weed at 52 yards and spodded the small area with a mix of sweetcorn, Sticky Bloodworm pellets, Krill Active Mix and Krill boilies and liquid.
He presented a Krill pop-up on a 4ins multi rig made with a size 6 Korda Choddy hook and N-trap Semi Stiff connected to a 4oz lead.