46lb 8oz pike rocks record

A record-shaking pike weighing 46lb 8oz has been banked.
The specimen - just 5oz short of Roy Lewis’ long-standing British record - was taken by keen predator angler Darren Clark last weekend at Wykeham Lakes near Scarborough.
It’s the sixth time the predator has been caught and it became the largest pike ever landed from an English water back in 2014 when it was landed by Wyndon Coole (pictured) at 46lb 11oz.
“For it to come out at a weight like this at this time of the year is incredible and if you consider that it hasn’t reached the full potential of its growth it’s scary to think what this fish could weigh,” said fishery manager Jake Finnigan.
“The fish is still in immaculate condition and we are very proud that we have such pristine pike that could easily do the record.”
Wykeham’s Trout Lake that produced this incredible fish has operated on a syndicate basis for the last three years.
Former pike record holder Neville Ficking has fished the venue for the last four years and he was on the bank at the famous water when he was contacted by Angling Times.
“This venue never ceases to amaze me and I know that this isn’t the only big pike that’s swimming around in here,” said Neville. “Considering this fish has been caught a few times it really is an incredible pike, but I’m convinced there are other fish in here to get excited about.”