“Shaking with excitement” after four-year quest

A social session with a friend gave Simon Brockbank his first 40-pounder in the shape of this 44lb 11oz mirror.
A four-year quest for a fish called Shoulders ended for Simon, when the 44lb 11oz mirror tripped up during a 48-hour visit to a Lincs syndicate venue with Phil Holmes.
“I was ecstatic with my first forty, a new personal best and my target fish to boot,” said Simon. “It was the most memorable session and it was shared with a good friend.”
Simon found three clear spots amid the weed and presented Key Baits All Season pop-ups over matching freebies and hemp.
The second day brought a 22lb mirror before Shoulders arrived that night.
Simon said: “At 4am the same rod was away with a slow take. As soon as I lifted into the fish, I felt it was a good one. The fish plodded away in the margins for a few minutes, then took a gulp of air before I pulled her over the waiting net.
“I was shaking with excitement, so Phil did the honours with the weighing and the needle settled on 44lb 11oz.”
A 23lb 11oz common fell before the session was over to complete a memorable 48 hours.