Apply for share of cash windfall

Anglers are to benefit from another huge cash windfall as more money from rod licence sales is pumped back into the sport.
Clubs, commercials and fishing charities can apply for a share of the £400,000 being made available through the Angling Improvement Fund (AIF).
The fund, which has already channelled £1.3 million of rod licence money into projects that have directly benefited angling organisations and their waters, is being administered by the Angling Trust on behalf of the Environment Agency.
Those who wish to be considered for a slice of the £400,000 have until January, 17, 2017 to apply.
“The Angling Improvement Fund is just one way we use rod licence money to work with partners for the benefit of fishing,” said Sarah Chare, Head of Fisheries at the Environment Agency .
“This latest pot of funding is the largest yet, bringing the total awarded this year to £600,000, so thank you to all those anglers who get behind their sport and buy a licence.
“There is a wide range of categories for fisheries to consider applying for, from winter maintenance and improvement of fisheries to predation management and the training of volunteers.”
The AIF has already helped fund 119 angling projects since its launch in 2015, and the Angling Trust will shortly be announcing the winners of this year’s spring round of funding, focused on access improvements for disabled anglers.
“This increase in funding is another big step forward in our programme of work to improve fish and fishing,” said Angling Trust CEO Mark Lloyd.
“With more funds coming from the rod licence over the coming year, and membership of the Angling Trust & Fish Legal growing, the future looks bright.”

Essex carp water’s offer to keen roach anglers

You can fill your net with fish like these at UK commercials right now!

You can fill your net with fish like these at UK commercials right now!

Silverfish anglers have been offered the chance to fish for free at one of the UK’s leading carp fisheries. 

As commercials look set for their most profitable winter ever thanks to an explosion of stocks of roach, bream and ide, a match at Essex carp fishery Fryerning Fisheries saw winner Bob Fox bank 75lb of redfins.

Now venue boss Charlie Knowles has invited roach anglers to fish for nothing so that these fish can be removed and stocked elsewhere. 

Venue boss Charlie Knowles told Angling Times: “We have a huge head of roach and fish to over 2lb have been reported in the past.

“However, first and foremost we are a carp fishery, so although we don’t do day tickets, we’ll let people fish here for the giant roach for nothing in order to thin the stocks out. 

“We expected the latest  match to produce plenty of bites, but the results went well beyond what we thought was possible in such cold conditions.”

And it’s not just waters in the south that are producing. Further north, Dave Williams had two red-letter silverfish days at two different fisheries. 

The Bait-Tech and Maver-backed angler first set his stall out at Cheshire’s Rosemary Wood Fisheries and banked 50lb of quality roach using short pole and maggot on the hook.

Days later he switched to the nearby Greenwood Fisheries and enjoyed a similar level of success.

He said: “I’m not the sort of angler who enjoys waiting for just one or two bites all day, and the silverfish shoals at my local commercials are producing brilliant action.

“More often than not it is a bite every chuck from start to finish.” 

Shropshire’s Woodside Fishery has also attracted interest thanks to its unseasonal form. Venue official Ben Hughes banked 30lb of quality redfins and skimmers during a recent pleasure session and is convinced that the huge shoals present in commercials are helping keep more anglers on the banks during the winter.

He said: “Woodside is a great venue to target for silvers and like most venues, these species get overlooked for much of the year as anglers target carp.

“Our roach, skimmers and big perch are giving anglers lots of bites and convincing them that getting on the bank in winter is a much better option than putting your gear away until next year.”

- To book a free roach fishing session at Fryerning Fisheries call 01277 352245.

£16k raised to beat KHV

Thousands of pounds has been raised from a Nash Tackle prize auction that could help spell the end of the KHV virus. 

Anglers flooded the internet with donations as they earned the right to star in angling show Urban Banx with top carper Alan Blair, spend a day fishing with Paul Garner or Des Taylor, or visit Nash HQ. 

The fund currently stands at more than £16,000 but anglers are still being called upon by the firm’s boss Kevin Nash to take part and donate to the research. 

He told Angling Tines: “I would like say a big thank you to everyone who has dipped into their pockets to support our KHV appeal to finance a study to eradicate the disease. 

“This is very important in protecting our future stocks of carp – we need to raise £20K, so please make your donations to the JustGiving page we created to get us to the target. We’re getting so close, and this work is so important, so please give our carp a proper Christmas present!”

The research is being undertaken by the University of East Anglia (UEA) who want to identify carp that have genes resistant to Koi Herpes Virus (KHV). The aim is to breed KHV-resistant carp. 

Auctions for the prizes have all ended but any angler who donates £10 or more to the JustGiving page will be entered into a prize draw. 

WInners will get the chance to visit Nash HQ for the day, meet Kevin and Alan Blair, and tour the design and development offices at the company’s Burnham premises and the new Nashbait production facility before being allowed to fish the exclusive Nash Office Lake.

Donate here:

Canals on the rise as anglers flock back to fish them

A research project has revealed that the number of anglers fishing the UK’s canals has doubled in the last four years.

Hundreds of stretches had been left deserted in recent times as a result of the commercial fishery boom, but the latest statistics have shown a remarkable turnaround.

Officials from the Canal & River Trust have announced that sales of their Waterways Wanderers permit have rocketed by 100 per cent since 2012.

The ticket allows anglers to target hundreds of miles of canal for a small fee each year, and national fisheries and angling manager John Ellis believes there are a number of reasons for the revival. 

“Gone are the days when anglers saw canals as venues capable of producing small fish and nothing else, with the awareness of their incredible potential,” he said.

“Whether you’re a predator, match or general pleasure angler, there is certain to be a stretch close to home that will appeal to you.

“Add to this, improved access and pegging in many areas and it is easy to see why canals have drawn back a lot of anglers.”

A national surge of interest in lure fishing and drop shotting is also thought to have aided the comeback.

Korum-backed specimen angler Gary Knowles said: “No matter where you are in the country, a cheap and affordable stretch of canal that is home to perch, pike or zander will be on your doorstep.

“At the drop of a hat, with practically no preparation and carrying just a light rod and reel, shoulder bag and landing net, you are ready to go.

“You can walk for miles fishing a very effective method and catch some cracking-looking fish from both industrial and rural settings. Given all this, it’s no surprise to me that the popularity in fishing canals has increased rapidly.”