Yoke Hill Fishery is back with a bang

After more than two years of being a members-only water, Yoke Hill Farm Fishery has once again opened its doors to day-ticket anglers.

The three lake, former match, venue in Northamptonshire is back with a bang as visiting anglers have been bagging up with carp, barbel, chub and silverfish on all three of the fishery’s pools. The top lake to go on at the moment seems to be the Wilfreds Weir which is stuffed with elastic stretching fish including barbel to 10lb and carp averaging around 5lb. This is a 14m wide canal style pool where anglers find fishing across to the far side with the pole works well with baits like corn, maggots, pellets or worm for the barbel which put up a good scrap on light gear.

Another favourite for pleasure anglers is the figure-of-Eight Lake where currently anglers are reporting nets to 50lb of carp averaging 5lb and silvers. With two islands and some open water in the gaps there are plenty of features for anglers to aim at but as the weather warms, fishing in the margins with typical commercial baits works just as well.

Prices: £6 a day

Contact: 07868 038484

Location: Yoke Hill Farm Fishery, Oundle Road, Upper Benefield, Northants, PE8 5AS

Rules: Barbless only, fish in keepnets of four hours max, no floating baits, no bread

Facilities: Disabled access, lodge with terminal tackle and bait, café, toilets

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