UK’s biggest barbel eaten by an otter

The biggest known barbel in the UK has been killed by an otter, Angling Times can confirm.

Following rumours that the predator had struck at a stretch of the River Ivel in Bedfordshire, it has been revealed that the fish, whose heaviest recorded weight was a record-shaking 20lb 7oz, is now dead.

A local angler contacted Angling Times and told of the moment when he disturbed the otter as it attacked the huge fish on a stretch of the river in Biggleswade.

“I heard this sickening crunching sound as I approached a reed bed with my torch,” said the angler, who wishes to remain anonymous.“The otter vanished and I looked down to my horror as the huge fish - which I recognised instantly as I’ve caught her four times before - lay there dying. There was nothing I could do.”