Two chub for close on 16lb!

One of the biggest chub braces ever – fish of 8lb 4oz 8dr and 7lb 10oz – has been banked by specimen angler Robert Young from a Christchurch AC stretch of the Dorset Stour.

The Bournemouth-based computer engineer visited the fast-flowing river every day for three months to introduce a handful of boilies.

“I had fed quite a few swims since the summer and knew there were big fish present, as I had already caught three chub to 7lb 5oz, but having not fished this particular swim before I wasn’t expecting a catch like this,” said Robert, who used 12lb mainline and a Drennan fluorocarbon hooklength tied to a size 8 hook.

“I used a PVA mesh bag of loose offerings, and wrapped another around the lead so as not to spook the fish when it hit the gravel.”

The rod-tip began twitching within minutes of his arrival and moments later he was netting a new personal best after the bigger of the two chub took his single hair-rigged boilie. He had to wait for over an hour for his second fish, the seven-pounder.

The ‘eight’ is a new club record, and a catch Chub Study Group secretary Iain Nairn believes will be remembered for a long time.

“This stretch of river is well capable of producing a big fish but to get two in a session from the same swim is incredible. This will go down as one of the best catches in chub fishing history,” he said.

Another angler to celebrate this week was Mark Jones, when his floatfished lobworm, intended for perch, brought a bite from a huge 8lb 1oz chub.

The Coventry-based man began his epic day on a stretch of the River Great Ouse controlled by Milton Keynes AA.

While the light held he fished for roach and dace, but once darkness fell and the venue’s resident big perch began to put in an appearance, the 49-year-old stepped up his tackle to incorporate a 3lb hooklink and a size 16 hook into his simple waggler rig, looking for a big stripey.

“I’ve been fishing for many different species all my life and I know that this won’t happen again. I really thought the chub was going to be over 7lb, but for it to be over 8lb is simply incredible. I had to check my scales three times just to make sure they were right,” he said.