Orchid hits form with thirties galore

Ben Davis had never caught a 30-pounder before the beginning of last week. After 12 hours on Britain’s most in-form water he had six to his name.

The Swindon angler’s amazing session came at Orchid Lake after his mate Kev Hewitt, who bagged four thirties himself, invited him down to cash in on the Oxfordshire venue’s stunning form.

In 24 hours in the Alamo swim, the pair banked 27 fish including 10 thirties to 38lb 14oz.

Kev explained to Angling Times: “It was both our birthdays that week and we decided to go out pike fishing together on the Monday. However, I cancelled as the weather was looking good for carp fishing.

“So on the Sunday I headed down to Orchid and had five fish in quick succession. I said to Ben, who could only fish the day on Monday, that if he ever wanted to catch a thirty now was his best chance. So I baited a spot for him in my swim and he arrived the next day.

“By the time he had arrived I’d had nine or 10 fish and three thirties. I had all my fish from the right of the swim, so I put him on the spot and that day he went on to land 14 fish including six thirties!

“It was unbelievable. At one time we had four thirties in the nets at once. It was just a really nice team effort.”

The pair fish close to a reed line and each of the two spots received an initial 2kg of sweetcorn and 10mm CC Moore Equinox boilies. “We didn’t bait particularly heavily because we just didn’t have time,” added Kev, “I had five takes before I could put any more bait out and Ben had seven fish before he could!”

The pair fished plastic corn soaked in Hinders Betalin on hinged stiff rigs.

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