Get 20% off an iBobber Fish Finder

Have you ever wondered what’s going on in your swim? How many fish are there and how big they are? Most of the time it’s sheer guesswork, but get your hands on this week’s brilliant reader offer and you can map out your swim with pinpoint clarity and work out just what lies beneath!

We’re offering 20 per cent off the Real Sonar Bluetooth iBobber fish finder. This smart little device shows the number of fish in your peg and their size, the depth they are sitting at and even the contours of the swim. There are also precise weather, water temperature and moon phase settings, with the option to store previously-mapped swims for future reference and to share on social media.

Compatible with all Apple and Android devices, the iBobber attaches to your line and works in two ways. To map the swim, cast to the required distance then reel in slowly, letting the sonar do the work, feeding back accurate measurements of depth and contours. To discover the fish in the peg, leave the iBobber alone and it will ping back the fishy life forms close by.

It comes with a charging dock, carry bag and instructions. All you need do is download the free app on to your phone, device or tablet and you’re away!

It retails at £99.99, but Angling Times readers can get the iBobber for £79.99 (plus free shipping), an impressive 20 per cent saving. That makes the iBobber the ideal Christmas present for the angler who almost has it all on the fishing front, or for the specimen and pleasure angler who take their fishing seriously!


The iBobber will allow you to:

- Map swim contours and depths down to 135ft at up to 100ft range

- Discover the size of fish below and above 15ins

- Chart water temperatures

- Indicate favourable moon phases on the calendar

- Display accurate weather data

- Store previously charted swims for future use

- Map good areas via GPS

- Share findings on social media

To order your iBobber, simply visit search for iBobber and then enter the code FISH20 to place your order. The offer ends on Thursday, December 31, 2015