Carp Society's Horseshoe Lake is 'not for sale'

PLANS to liquidate the Carp Society and sell off its famous Horseshoe Lake look to have stalled after being made public.

The society was set up in 1981 and the Gloucestershire lake purchased in 1992 by selling more than 1,000

11-year permits to members. However, the venue is now a

day-ticket water and membership numbers have fallen sharply.

Angling Times understands a plan was made to liquidate the company, sell off the £1m-plus lake and distribute the profits to the very few remaining members. There is no suggestion the Carp Society is struggling financially.

The society’s Articles of Association, setting out the way it does business, states no profits should be distributed to members and that Horseshoe must be passed to a club with similar aims if the company folds.

However, part of the society’s constitution that stated at least three-quarters of its members and three-quarters of its governors must be in agreement at a general meeting before Horseshoe can be sold was deleted in March 2013.

This potentially left the path clear for a smaller percentage of the society’s current tiny membership to force a sale. The society also appears to have agreed to change its name to Horseshoe Fisheries last year.

Former director Paul Boichat told AT he was recently removed from the society after raising concerns about potentially selling Horseshoe and the way it was being administered.

Angling Times emailed a number of questions to the society but has had no answers. A spokeswoman said: “It’s not up for sale, that’s all I can say.”

Fenn Wright, the biggest agent for fishery sales, said: “It is not on the market with us.”