World's biggest arapaima caught on rod and line

This is the incredible picture of what’s believed to be the world’s biggest arapaima ever caught on rod and line weighing in at colossal 485lb.

The huge specimen was banked at the popular Palm Tree Lagoon Fishing Park in Ratchaburi, Thailand, and was landed after Johnny Airaksinen won an arm-wrenching battle that lasted over two hours.

It measured almost 10 feet in length, was estimated to have weighed in at 220 kilos and was tempted by the angler from Finland when he legered a carp hookbait in conjunction with 80lb braid and a 100lb nylon leader.

Rick Humphreys owns Fishsiam, which organises fishing holidays at venues all over Thailand including Palm Tree Lagoon Fishing Park and he said:” I’ve been in this game for a long time and this is by far the biggest arapaima I’ve ever seen or heard of.”

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