Weight limits nearly cost Maver Mega Match This qualifier

Maver Mega Match This Qualifier
Colman’s Cottage Fishery (98 pegs)

This was something of a traumatic day for qualifier Sam Brown as, at the scales, one of his nets was 3lb over the limit and knocked back – and on his third net he was just 1lb away from having the whole net discounted!

As it turned out he topped a strong field with 172-0-0 from peg 21 on the Pathfield Lake. The Maver-backed rod started on the short pole line with pellet, but with so many fish cruising close to the top he was inevitably drawn to them and dobbed with a long line and 6mm pellet.

Late in the match he caught a few bonus fish on corn and maggot to see him through to the grand final just a few weeks away.

Runner-up from Wood Lake peg 1 was Jason Collins, who also caught a lot of the fish that were cruising in his peg, with a few fish late on from the margins with maggot to finish on 150-8-0.

Result: 1 S Brown, Maver, 172-0-0; 2 J Collins, Preston Innovations Delcac, 150-8-0; 3 W Martin, Matrix/Van Den Eynde, 114-0-0; 4 J Gallagher, Berkshire, 110-12-0;
5 J Blavins, GOT Baits, 110-4-0; 6 J Whincup, Frenzee/Bait-Tech, 99-8-0.