Wake-up call from 34lb 2oz canal common carp

Canal-caught commons don’t come much better than this example taken by Jordan Dicks.
The Bristol Angling Centre employee tricked this 34lb 2oz stunner from a stretch of the Gloucester Canal after a lengthy prebaiting campaign.
“I’ve been baiting an area of the canal for the last six weeks and have been catching mainly doubles, until last week, when I did a quick overnighter between work and caught the 34lb 2oz common,” the Nash consultant told Angling Times.
“I had been up all night with bream and I had actually left one of
the rods out of the water to try to get some sleep.
“At 4.30am I had a savage take on my right-hand rod, but unfortunately I got cut off in a snag that was covered by mussels.
“At this point I was really down in the dumps and suffering really badly with my hayfever. I had just managed to get back to sleep when my middle rod flew off.
“Straight away I knew this was a heavier fish and it was plodding around, holding the bottom very well. After a 15-minute battle, she was finally mine.”
Jordan baited with 20mm Nash Key boilies and fished to a clear area among the weed with a hinged stiff rig incorporating a size 4 Nash Fang Chod Twister hook.