Veteran’s personal best carp in downpour from famous Bucks lake

One of the country’s most historic carp waters threw up this 42lb 8oz mirror for experienced big-fish man Brian Hankins.
The fish came from Savay, a tricky water in Buckinghamshire’s Colne Valley which has hosted many of angling’s famous names through the years.
“This is my new personal best,” said Brian, who is the longest-serving syndicate member and began fishing the venue in 1981.
“My previous best was also a Savay mirror of 40lb, caught in 1997.”
The 61-year-old added: “My original plan was to fish on the Colne bank for eels at night, then carp fish during daylight.
“But heavy rain on the Sunday saw me set up near the car park to avoid being drowned!” said Brian.
“Also, a few carp were showing in Cottage Bay, so the Rat Hole swim became my home for the next couple of days.
“I found a couple of clear spots and, once I’d baited up, I settled in for the night. No carp were showing the next morning and I wondered if they had moved, but after a full walk around the lake and no fish spotted I decided to stay put – the continuous rain made it an easy decision!”
Due off at 2pm on the Tuesday, Brian spotted a carp roll over his close-in spot at 1pm.
“At 1.45pm the buzzer burst into life and I was doing battle with a heavy fish. It was soon covered in thick weed, but after a struggle both fish and weed went into the net,” he said.
“Every Savay carp is a very rewarding capture –this was my second this year – and we knew straight away it was a forty!”
The fish fell to Solar boilies presented on a snowman rig with a braided hooklink and Solar 101 hook.