Two mornings – two 40lb carp… and that brings the tally to five since April

A mammoth carp session yielded two forties in consecutive mornings for in-form Mike Deakin at Berkshire’s famous Horton Church Lake.

The Cheshire angler, who’s had five forties since April, had been due to fish the RK Leisure venue for 14 nights, but turned up to find the carp spawning and had to wait well into his second week to get among the fish.

When he did, the 47-year-old managed the mirror known as Spotty at 45lb 4oz and Uno at 42lb 10oz, backed up by a 35lb grass carp and a sought-after resident known as the Thorpe Park Leney at 26lb 4oz.

“When I got there the fish started spawning, so the lake was closed off. I went over to Kingsmead One for five nights and by that time Horton was open again. I got into a swim called Shoulders and the fish were crashing all over me, but the line lay from that swim was garbage, so when the swim opposite came free I moved in there.”

After a blank first night in the new peg, Mike woke to a number of fish showing themselves over his area. “I must’ve had about 100 shows in front of me, it was spectacular. About an hour later, at about 6am, I had the first take, which was Spotty at 45lb 4oz.”

The routine repeated itself the next morning and Mike managed to land Uno at 42lb 10oz. He said: “I’ve wanted that fish for a long, long time, so I couldn’t believe it when it rolled over the net.”

The shift manager, who baited with Apex boilies from Impulse Baits, presented matching hookbaits on snowman set-ups mounted to multi rigs.