Two million tune in to River Monsters

The most eagerly anticipated fishing TV show of 2015 has received almost two million viewers in the first week of its release.

Jeremy Wade’s River Monsters proved once again how popular angling can be on terrestrial television when commercial television giants ITV revealed the latest viewing figures following the release of the brand-new series.

The first programme of the sixth series, which was shown on ITV 1 at 7.30 pm Tuesday January 6, saw the globetrotting presenter from Somerset captivate anglers and non-anglers alike in the first instalment entitled ‘Amazon Apocalypse’ where Jeremy begins a his journey into the wilds of South America and the mighty Amazon River.

And with these early figures not taking into account all of the people who will be have watched the programme on the various ‘catch-up’ facilities that are now available to TV viewers, it’s inevitable that many more would have tuned in to the first programme in addition to the 1.9 million initially released by ITV.

“River Monsters is reeling in not just big fish but also big  viewing figures and its success is going way beyond your average fishing show,” said River Monsters executive producer Harry Marshall.

“Jeremy and all of those involved in the show work tirelessly to deliver stunning programmes that have not only captured the imagination of anglers, but also the non-fishing.”

“We continue to be blown away by the fact that River Monsters has now become a world-wide phenomenon.”

The show, that was recently voted TV show of the year in the prestigious Angling Times National Angling Awards, continues on ITV and will certainly not disappoint.

Hour-long versions of River Monsters begin on Febuary 11 on ITV 4, plus the River Monsters Fish On! app is now available .

It offers a digital logbook for anglers to record, rate and compare their catches.

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