Two gallons of maggots for 5lb perch!

Thomas Smith fed two gallons of maggots and spent 72 hours on the bank for the single bite that produced this huge 5lb 2oz personal best perch.

The 33-year-old from Bridgwater adopted a carp fishing approach at a gravel pit in the Cotswolds and kicked off his session by spodding out an initial eight pints of red maggots to the bottom of a shelf at range.

A single lobworm fished on a long hooklength and size 12 Drennan hook was cast over the top of his baited area and his patience certainly paid off when the final morning of his dedicated quest produced the bite that saw him connect with his well-earned specimen.

 “I used to be a carp angler, fishing in events like the British Carp Angling Championships so it’s natural for me to bait heavy and be patient in my approach,” he said.

“In this instance it paid off handsomely and I don’t think any other methods would have worked for this fish” he said.

“This is perfect proof that you can take tactics that work for one species and apply them to other avenues of your fishing with great success.”

It’s a catch that follows hot on the heels of the recent capture two perch weighing 4lb 12oz and 3lb 6oz from the venue while fishing with his friend Nathan Hall, who also landed specimens weighing 4lb 14oz and 4lb 10oz during the same session.

The duo plan to continue fishing the mystery venue which they believe could produce a future British record.

Thomas is rightly excited by the prospect: “We have seen fish chasing crayfish in the lake which look far bigger than this one and we have heard rumours of a 6lb-plus fish being caught, I have no doubt that a possible record is in this water it’s just a case of proving it.” he added.

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