Two cracks at a 40lb carp end happily

The only remedy for losing a 40-pounder at the net is to hook and land another just hours later.
That’s what Arron Fisher did at the low-stock Kracking Carp Lake on the Anglers Paradise complex in Devon.
The drama began with a bite at 7am on his second day. He said: “Straight away I knew it was a good fish but when it came up and rolled on its side I couldn’t believe how big it was.
“There in front of me was a 20-year obsession and my first UK forty. Well, it wasn’t to be because as I was trying to net it in the howling winds I lost it.
“I was absolutely devastated. I went about getting the rod back out and then sat in disbelief.
“I have been told there are only 16 carp in the lake so wasn’t holding out for another chance.”
Arron continued: “The carp gods had obviously taken pity on me as only 12 hours later my other rod went off and the rest is history. There in the bottom of my net lay another UK forty, a new pb and my first forty.”
The fish, known as the Half Lin, weighed 43lb 5oz.
Arron was fishing close in with the wind in his face and baited with Hooked On Baits hemp and Velocity Baits P-Nut+ boilies and stick mix. His hookbaits were 10mm Velocity M25 pop-ups.