Two ‘double takes’ and five thirties!

Rob Gooch is on a run of form he describes as ‘the stuff of dreams’.
The week after banking four fish in a session, the 38-year-old returned to his Bedfordshire syndicate and managed five thirties and four twenties in two nights.
His weekend tally included mirrors of 35lb 4oz, 32lb 5oz, 32lb 1oz and two at 31lb.
The Hertfordshire angler said:
“I could hardly believe it, but the rota draw went my way and I ended up back in the swim that had produced those four fish for me.
“It was just a simple case of clipping the rods up and getting them back in positon out on that bar.”
Rob put 3.5kg of Sticky Krill boilies and Bloodworm pellets on the spot and his first two fish, 29lb and 31lb 6oz, came within seconds of each other. “It was madness, I was so happy to have gotten off the mark straight away...but with two!”
Incredibly, just an hour later Rob had another double take and, with the help of a friend, netted mirrors of 27lb 8oz and 31lb 6oz.
Five more fish fell to Rob before he packed up on Sunday afternoon.
“I gathered my gear and headed for home, shattered, aching, but totally ecstatic about this haul of rather large fish,” said Rob.
“It was an unbelievable session, the stuff of dreams.”