Twenties every month for 14 months

John Flewin has banked twenties in each of the last 14 months after slipping the net under this common.

The 28lb 14oz fish came from the Welshman’s local venue, White Springs near Swansea, during an overnight session.

John told Angling Times: “With the weather getting milder and the nights drawing out I have been arriving, setting up and getting the rods out just before dark. With the lake fishing well, swims were at a premium, so I settled into a point swim allowing me to keep an eye on the lake.

“The rod that the fish fell to was cast short of some snags off an island directly in front of the swim. After a hard fight that included getting behind an island and into the dying pads to my right I slipped her in the net.”

John baited with Innovate Baits’ CR1 Steamies and pellets.

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