Thresher record falls twice in a week off Welsh coast

An exhausting five-hour battle has ended with the capture of a record-breaking thresher shark.

Weighing in at 271lb, the predator was hooked by Welsh shark fishing fanatic David Thomas when he and five friends shared the experience of a lifetime aboard the popular vessel ‘Phat Cat’, skippered by Craig Deans and operating out of Milford Haven.

His mackerel flapper hookbait was first picked up by the new Welsh record predator at 2.30pm, but little did he know that it would be five hours later before he and his friends would be cradling the history-making specimen.

“Two hours into the fight we all knew that it was something special, so the other guys reeled in and they fed me water and poured it over me,” said David. “After almost four hours in, and another savage run by the shark, I had to have a rest and let my mate Rhys take over.

“I then renewed my focus, had a stretch and took the rod back to finally finish the job.”

This is the first thresher that the ‘Phat Cat’ skipper has ever had on board, and he believes that the capture of these two specimens confirms why shark fishing in this part of the UK is regarded as some of the best in the world.

“I saw a thresher jump out of the water a couple of weeks ago which I estimated at around the 600lb mark, said Craig. “These waters never cease to amaze me.”

It’s been an incredible week for Welsh sharking, as just days before the capture of the 271-pounder, a short-lived record thresher of 253lb fell to Andy Turrell aboard Rob Rennie’s ‘Lady Jue III’, another boat operating out of Milford Haven.


- The weights of the two thresher sharks were estimated after the length and girth of the fish were accurately measured. Both were then returned safely to the water.