Three big carp give captor runaround

Chasing the fish back and forth across the lake eventually paid dividends for Nick Burrage as he banked two thirties and a twenty in quick succession.

The Shropshire angler endured a biteless night in his first-choice swim before spying fish at the other end of the lake. Having packed up and headed to a new swim, the Gardner Tackle consultant suffered another fishless night before the fish tormented him once more.

“After a windy second night I saw them right where I’d started my session! I felt slightly beaten and wondered whether I should just drop the gear straight in the van and leave. Never! I moved back across the lake into the bright sun and within an hour I was the proud owner of a wet net and a 22lb 8oz linear.

“Much to my surprise, I had another bite 20 minutes later in the shape of a 30lb 2oz mirror, which just shows you how things can turn around.

“On my final morning I was again standing at the water’s edge with yet another carp in my net. This one went 32lb 6oz and was also a mirror. It goes to show that effort equals reward every time. The angling disturbance seemed to move them and I just had to bide my time until they settled in a swim.

“They seemed to give me the run around but all the effort was well worth it in the end.”
Nick used Nutrabaits Trigga Ice boilies and small PVA bags of Nutrabits Carpet Feed soaked in matching booster liquid. His blowback rigs featured size 6 Gardner Wide Gape Talon Tips with a Trickster hooklink.

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