Switch of swim for first UK 40lb carp

Moving away from a swim full of showing fish is a ballsy move, but the gamble rewarded James Hibbard with his first UK forty.
Fishing a syndicate water near his north Lincolnshire home, James arrived on a Sunday and immediately found the carp.
He said: “The fish were active in one area of the lake so I dropped in the swim closest to them. They showed in front of me all night but I awoke to find I’d not had a bite. I sat it out until the sun came out, but it didn’t seem right where I was.
“At 11am I saw one come out of the water at the opposite end of the lake, so I packed away and was round there in a flash.
“I knew the swim from previous sessions and fished all three rods on just one spot.
“Afternoon passed and with no action I re-did the rods at 5pm. Within 30 minutes the right-hand rod pulled tight. The fish weeded me up once or twice until I slipped the unit into the net. It was Floppy Tail at 41lb 8oz, my target fish for the year and my first UK forty.”
James fished CC Moore Pacific Tuna pop-ups on hinged stiff rigs and baited with 20 Spombs of boilies and particles soaked in Tuna Extract and Slicking Booster Liquid.