Stunning 3lb 6oz grayling from River Frome

Just over an hour’s fishing produced a stunning catch of grayling topped by this 3lb 6oz specimen for Ian Davis.

The Dorset-based specialist admitted that sport on the morning of his session on his local River Frome was tough going, but he found a pocket of fish in the afternoon and never looked back.

His floatfished corn hookbait was also taken by two fish weighing 2lb 14oz along with grayling weighing 2lb 10oz, 2lb 9oz, 2lb 6oz and 2lb 4oz, which were all beaten with 4lb line and a size 14 hook.

“All but one of the fish came from one swim and all I did was to keep two or three grains going into the swim with every trot through,” said Ian.

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