Stunning 350lb of predators in one session!

Big weights are few and far between at this time of the year but Paul Bennett bucked the trend when he landed 350lb of pike and perch in a session.

The Stockport-based predator angler endured a 330-mile round trip to the Midlands syndicate water and was left exhausted after he slipped the net under 41 pike and a brace of big perch topping the scales at 3lb 8oz and 3lb.

It certainly wasn’t plain sailing from the off as he had to work to get his session-of-a-lifetime underway after an initial approach of legered deadbaits failed to produce a single take.

So a change of tactics was required and from then on he could hardly keep two rods in the water.

 “I could see predators striking at the bait fish so I knew they were in the area,” said Paul.
“It would have been easy to persevere with the deadbaits, but I just couldn’t sit there and wait for something to happen.

A sunken float paternoster was soon rigged up and after catching a number of small livebaits, he threaded one on the hook and instantly reaped the rewards.

“It took less than 10 minutes to get my first bite and from then on it was virtually non-stop, with fish attacking the livebait within minutes of it hitting the water.”

That trend continued until the final hours of the closing day of his stint when he decided to scale-down his tackle in a bid to target the specimen perch that also inhabit the venue.
Once again he hit the jackpot almost straight away with a brace of stripeys weighing 3lb and 3lb 8oz coming in consecutive casts.

With the biggest pike of the three day session tipping the dial on the scales round to just over 15lb, he has now set his sights on landing a large individual predator in the coming weeks.

“I am convinced the fish prematurely shoaled up in preparation for spawning and that is why I was catching a fish almost every cast,” Paul continued.

“It was a case of being in the right place at the right time and I am now targeting one of the venue’s 30lb plus pike before the season ends.”

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