String of 2lb-plus rudd fall to float tactics

A week of specimen rudd catches on the float was headed up by Lowestoft rod Andy Waters.

He struck gold when his first-ever session targeting the species saw him twice break his personal best with fish of 2lb 1oz and 2lb 6oz from an undisclosed East Anglian venue.

After several miles of walking the banks, he located some fish and tempted the fine pair by flicking out a floating crust on float tackle comprising 4lb line and a size 8 hook.

“I’ve never targeted big rudd before, so I did my research and walked miles without casting a line before I saw them,” said Suffolk-based Andy.

“Both the big fish came really quickly and then all the rest spooked and disappeared, but I returned the next day to take four fish to 2lb 2oz.”

Fox-backed specialist Dan Sales was all smiles when he banked his biggest rudd so far this season, again on floating bread.

The Herts fishing fanatic has banked many big fish already this season – and he continued his recent run of form when he spent a day on a Midlands river and took a big rudd.

“Sight fishing for rudd on the float is as exciting as it gets – it’s real heart in mouth stuff,” said Dan.

“The sheer beauty of every rudd is enough to get any angler obsessed with the species...I can’t get enough of them.”

Moving further up the country, Alan Hibbot also set a new rudd personal best with the capture of a 2lb 2oz specimen during a session at a tough undisclosed pit in the North West.

He, too, adopted floatfishing tactics, but this time with maggots on the hook and, after fishing his way through a seemingly endless stream of small fish, he finally landed his prize with the help of 3lb line and a size 16 hook.