Stoneacres’ carp Mr Magoo out at 43lb

One of the finest carp in Oxfordshire fell to Adam Smith during a four-night session at Linch Hill.

The 42-year-old banked this 43lb mirror carp, known as Mr Magoo, during his stay on Stoneacres.

The Devon-based angler, who banked a 28lb mirror on the same session, said: “I waded out into 3ft of water and made a clear spot in the silkweed with my foot.

“I dropped a rig on it, then crumbled some Sticky Krill boilies over the top and put chops around the area.”

Adam presented a Krill wafter hookbait on a rig made with a size 6 Korda Wide Gape hook, 20lb N-Trap Soft and a 5oz lead.