Stocking boost at The Monument

The recent spell of cold weather has been bad for fishermen, but good for fisheries.

Frigid temperatures are perfect for stocking and netting carp, and one of the venues to take full advantage of this is The Monument in Shropshire.

As we reported at the end of last year, the well-known big-fish water, which is part of the RH Fisheries portfolio, was drained down after catches began to slow. The netting operation found 84 different 30-pounders and four forties but also unearthed some tricky snags and large amounts of uneaten bait.

The netted fish have been held in a stock pond since then but were returned to their home last week along with some of their offspring. In all, RH boss Rob Hales introduced 116 juvenile carp into the lake, alongside the 84 thirties and four forties.

Jason Umney from Avid witnessed the whole operation. He said: “After the existing stock were held in another pond for a couple of months and the Monument filled back up and the water levels stabilised, the carp were ready to be re-introduced.

“Rob filmed every single carp going back into the lake to allow anglers to see exactly what they will be fishing for should they visit the lake when it opens again this spring. Along with the big girls, Rob also introduced 116 babies that are offspring of the Monument fish. He hand selected the most beautiful of the bunch and is certain that they go on to grow massive extremely quickly.” 

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