Solar-powered fish!

A fishing club that’s used solar panels to improve sport at its flagship fishery has seen growth rates of fish increase by almost 50 per-cent.

London’s The Dell Angling Society (TDAS) has admitted that the ground-breaking aeration device, that incorporates the same technology used by homeowners and farmers that transforms sunlight into environmentally friendly electricity, has turned around the fortunes of its self-named water in Woolwich, London.

Before the installation of the technology the venue had been blighted by low oxygen levels and stunted growth rates of resident carp, but now the once frequent calls to the Environment Agency to help prevent fish kills at the venue are firmly in the past.

“We used to have so many problems that really threatened our water, but the fishery is booming and it’s all thanks to this solar-powered aeration system,” said TDAS committee member Colin Cleary.

“Our biggest fish used to be around the 20lb mark but we now have carp on the brink of being 30lb and they are getting bigger by the day.”

“The solar panels charge several batteries that create enough energy for us to run the aeration system both day and night when required and our oxygen levels are now as high as they can be.”

The new technology has been implemented at a fairly small cost with the club leaning on the expertise of forward-thinking member Stuart Sweeden and he added: “I have worked with fish tanks and pumps in the past and I used my knowledge of that field to build something that has stopped this beautiful lake turning in to an abandoned mudpit.”

“It cost us less than £1,500 and it has breathed new life in to the fishery. The sport has improved, the carp are getting bigger and feeding heavily and it is a small price to pay for such a big improvement.”

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