Social session leads to elusive 50lb 10oz mirror carp

A social session with a friend produced a flurry of fish for Chris Oakley, topped by this 50lb 10oz mirror which had not been caught for more than a year.
The carp, which was 6lb up in weight, was part of a nine-fish haul at Grenville Lake in Cambridgeshire.
“Amazing fish, amazing lake,” said the Coventry angler after his three-night stay.
Recalling the session, Chris added: “This trip was a social event with a mate, and hopefully we would catch a few along the way. The rods were whacked out into a stiff north-easterly wind at noon, and all three of mine were back leaning against the bivvy within the hour, both of us having already landed a twenty!
“The flurry of activity continued through the afternoon with fish into the low thirties, including some stunning scaly ones.
“But the action halted on dusk and the fish deserted us for the next 48 hours.
“It wasn’t until the Friday evening that I was playing another carp against the backdrop of a hastily abandoned barbecue.
“It took 30 yards of line on the first run, but even the small ones in Grenville do that. 
“It did look surprisingly big as it went into the net, but we lifted it out together in the sling so neither got the measure of its full weight.
“On the unhooking mat it was ridiculously big. I don’t think either of us could believe just how big this fish looked.”
Chris used 25kg of Grenville boilies and fished at 104 yards to bank his fifty.